Water Infrastructure Changes May Impact Quality

Posted on March 16, 2012

People living in the United States have long taken for granted their public water systems, purchasing bottled water in droves. However, U.S. Congressman Bob Gibbs (R-Ohio) recently urged water utility leaders to ask their Congressional representatives to sponsor the creation of a federal Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Authority (WIFIA), American Water Works Association reports.

The committee would address water infrastructure needs in the United States, hoping to provide people with safe and reliable water delivery systems. While many other parts of the world have greater issues concerning their water quality, U.S. officials aren’t found of how the water infrastructure has been taken for granted as of late.

The formation of the committee is still in its planning stages, but people concerned with their water supply can make changes today. Instead of drinking water straight from the tap or purchasing wasteful disposable plastics, Americans can install filtered water delivery systems in their homes.

In addition, business owners can make an even bigger stance by switching to point-of-use water coolers in the workplace. The water dispensers hook into the building’s main water supply and filter out bacteria and germs. While the laws that govern water in the U.S. are ever changing, people can make sure they remain hydrated and healthy by drinking from filtered systems.

Quench offers business owners a wide array of products, so no matter the size of an office, there is a point-of-use cooler that can fit the space. When it comes to combating the negative consequences of drinking impure water, having Quench water coolers on hand is essential. Consumers may want to urge their U.S. Congressmen to improve water standards, and ask their managers to switch to more reliable water coolers for the office.

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