Summer is Coming! Time for Quench Ice Machines

Posted on May 3, 2016
Three glasses of ice water

The heat, the humidity, the dehydration is coming. Is your office ready? Just like water delivery is both expensive and environmentally-unfriendly, packaged ice is expensive. Not only is water and ice delivery expensive, but it is also environmentally-unfriendly.

Switching to Quench can keep your office cool on the hottest day of the year, without the worries of possibly running out!

Quench ice machines use the same state-of-the-art filtration and sanitization technology as our water coolers, ensuring your ice is clean while eliminating the added cost of purchasing ice. Quench ice dispensers come in a variety of sizes to suit the ice-making needs of small offices, busy hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and even large warehouse and distribution operations.

So, whether your company needs a space-saving countertop ice machine or a giant bin unit for a commercial kitchen – Quench has the ice machine to meet you need. And most Quench ice machines do not require a drain! So you can install your ice machine wherever you need ice!

Want to learn more about Quench ice machines? Check out our product line! Or speak to a Quench Water Expert.

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