5 Reasons Drinking Water Improves Your Wellbeing

Posted on June 8, 2015
Keep Calm and Drink More Water

June marks the 7th year of Employee Wellbeing Month. Strategies to Overcome and Prevent (STOP) Obesity Alliance, Employee Wellbeing Month and Virgin Pulse launched National Employee Wellness Month in 2009. The campaign spotlights how the modern workplace has a role in helping to create healthy employees.

What better way to improve your health than by consuming more of the basis for life—water! Water makes up around 60-70% of our bodies and is essential for carrying out all bodily functions. The physical necessity of water to avoid dehydration and eliminate waste may be apparent, but the mental impact of drinking water is often over looked. Check out these reasons why drinking water will have you and your employees feeling physically and mentally fit:

  • Drop the lbs– Drinking water routinely throughout the day or before meals can be helpful in satisfying hunger and losing weight. So don’t just count calories, count glasses!
  • Energize– Staying hydrated is important for all matters in life from running a half-marathon to processing spreadsheets. Even low levels of dehydration can lead to feeling sluggish and tired
  • Sharp Shooter– Felling a like scatterbrained? Not drinking enough water has been shown to alter a person’s ability to think clearly and rationally.
  • Cramping Up– Setting up shop in an office chair all day sandwiched by sitting in morning and afternoon traffic can leave your muscles and joints feeling stiff and tight. Drinking water can prevent and relieve muscle cramps and discomfort.
  • Smooth Move– Many claims have be made that drinking water can produce not only a healthier but a younger looking complexion.

Drinking more water is essential for creating an office of strong and active bodies and minds. So, bottoms up!

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