Keeping Your Golf Pros Hydrated

Posted on April 4, 2016
Keeping Golf Pros Hydrated

Golfers are a thirsty bunch, whether they are having the game of their life, like The Bishop or are distracted like Judge Smails, so golf courses and country clubs need a ready supply of filtered water.

Offer your members and guest golfers an enhanced shopping experience in your Pro Shop with a modern, cold and sparkling water cooler. Or make sure your locker room has an endless supply of fresh, filtered water for golfers returning from the fairway or getting ready to head out.

Quench also offers sophisticated, contemporary filtered water dispensers, sparkling water coolers, ice makers and coffee brewers for the clubhouse. Our space-saving countertop and under-counter water filtration systems feature programmable filling which allows you to offer your guests their choice of fresh, filtered still or sparkling water by the glass or carafe.

Don’t forget about Danny Noonan! Quench has high-capacity water coolers and bin ice machines perfect for high traffic areas like caddyshacks or caddy stations. Caddies can fill up their water jugs to stay hydrated as they carry bags and give advice to the next Ty Webb.

And don’t worry about tricky installations, Quench service technicians are trained for the most complicated installations, like older buildings or buildings with multiple floors, without disrupting décor or disturbing your golfers and their guests.

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