How to Diagnose Common Tap Water Problems

Posted on October 2, 2012
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Do you suffer from cloudy, smelly or discolored tap water? Does your tap water leave a bad taste in your mouth? If you answered yes to any of these questions than you need to check out the new info sheet from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

The most common problems found in tap water are grouped into three categories: color, taste and odor. Your tap water quality can vary according to the region you live in and is also effected by how old your pipes are and what kind of filter system you use, among other factors.

The American Midwest is an area commonly known to have higher levels of pesticide and herbicides in its water while Florida’s coastal tap is locked in battle with ever-encroaching salt water.

While the resource does not give specific courses of action to deal with certain problems, there are private drinking water tests offered nationwide. One surprising fact from the info sheet was that a corrosion problem may be present in your pipes even though every single faucet may not be effected.

Sometimes the fix to a tap water problem can be as simple as changing the black, rubber connector-hoses from your water heater or replacing a filter cartridge. But unless you check it out, you’ll never know for sure. So next time you see floaties in your water or you can smell your drink before you taste it, check out the info sheet from MassDEP and don’t waste another minute wondering.

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