How Quench Designed a 3-in-1 Ice Machine

Quench 965 countertop ice machine in a breakroom

You asked for it and we delivered! Introducing the industry’s first-ever high capacity ice machine with hot water that can also fit on an office break room countertop. The Quench 960/965 three-in-one water and ice dispenser offers ambient water, hot water, and chewable nugget ice—no drain required. That means you can satisfy nugget ice fanatics, appease your tea lovers, and hydrate the entire office with just one machine. No more worrying about the extra costs and maintenance of dealing with multiple machines that serve multiple functions. Now, just one machine does it all.  

“For years our customers have been asking for a small form, high capacity drainless ice machine with hot water,” said Ted Hertz, Quench’s VP of Product Management Supply Chain. “In response to our customers’ needs, our manufacturing partner developed a machine with unparalleled capabilities.”

The Anatomy of the Quench 960/965

Standing Quench 960/965 ice machine with hot water
Freestanding Quench 960

Upgrading to the Quench 960/965 can boost your celebrity status in the office. Employees will love the water and ice dispenser’s attractive “no-bend” ergonomic design and intuitive interface. The Quench 960 produces up to 125 pounds of high-quality chewable nugget ice per day while providing an endless supply of freshly filtered ambient and hot drinking water.  

This unit also comes as a countertop water dispenser, the Quench 965, which is just as striking as its freestanding counterpart. Yet, it’s better suited for businesses with less available floor space, able to be placed under cabinets with ease. 

“Quench has seen an increase in demand for a small form, high capacity drainless ice machine with hot water.” said Hertz. “Making the machine small enough to fit on a countertop while accommodating ice making and piping hot water on demand was no easy task. But our manufacturing engineers pulled it off, and we expect there will be a very strong demand for this new product.” 

What Makes the Quench 960/965 Superior? 

The inside of a Quench 960/965 water and ice machine
Inside a Quench 960/965

The sleek exterior of the Quench 960/965 is bound to draw attention, but it’s the features on the inside that are truly extraordinary. Our manufacturing engineers created a superior ice filtration technology to ensure your employees have access to the cleanest, best tasting ice nuggets.  

When it comes to frequent cleaning around the office, it’s not uncommon for ice machine rentals to get overlooked. But most ice makers need some TLC every so often.  (Don’t worry, if you rent one from Quench we stay on top of keeping the machine clean and running well for you!). Ice machine rentals, if not maintained,  can get clogged with all kinds of unwanted visitors like dirt, rust, limescale, and mold. Not to mention, every time someone scoops out their own ice from a bin in a traditional freezer, there’s an ongoing risk of contamination. Switching to a Quench 960/965 can relieve the headaches that come with cleaning – traditional ice makers. The machine has top-of-the-line sanitation technology that translates to cleaner ice nuggets.   

“Ice can get dirty and the 960/965 tries to mitigate that risk by both limiting the amount of outside air that can get to the ice and by filtering the air that gets to the ice,” explains Hertz. “The ice dispenser uses a large air filter to remove particles from the air prior to the air entering the ice storage bin.”  

Other highlights of the Quench 960/965 ice and water dispenser include its drainless capabilities. Drainless systems recycle the melted water from the stored ice. With the drainless feature, you can install the machine virtually anywhere in your building since it does not require a drain connection, we’ll just plumb the ice maker to your building’s water source! The drainless system also reduces installation costs. 

UVA Ray Index

Developers added an extra layer of protection by treating the melted water with LED UVC, which is the shortest (most powerful) ultraviolet wavelength, to help keep the water cleaner. They strategically placed the UVC light to ensure the water is sanitized as close to the point of use (or consumption) as possible. The UVC maintains the purity of the melted water so that the water gets recycled into great-tasting, clean ice. No other drainless machine in the market offers this benefit.  

Lastly, with the Quench 960/965, you can say goodbye to clumping ice. A built-in dual auger prevents separate pieces from bridging or fusing together.  

Quench 960/965 is the Complete Package 

Hydration takes on a whole new level of excitement when you’ve got an ice dispenser that does it all. Upgrading from a bottled water cooler to a Quench 960/965 ice maker is like upgrading from a trip to the local convenience store to a trip to Disneyland. That’s right, we are so confident in the Quench 960/965 that we’re willing to compare it to the most famous theme park in history!  

The Quench 960/965 water and ice dispenser comes with customizable filtration to ensure the best-tasting water and ice for your business. In most cases, our Quench water experts recommend special scale reducing ice filter or reverse osmosis (RO) filtration for premium ice and water quality. 

All Quench ice machines use the same advanced filtration and purification technologies as our water coolers to deliver the cleanest, best-tasting ice. If you’re still not sold on the Quench 960/965, browse the rest of our ice makers here. Also, be sure to check out our Product Finder to see which machine is right for your workplace.