How Much Water Does Fracking Use Up?

Posted on June 25, 2012

Fracking doesn’t just contaminate water, it wastes water too! According to a recent report released by Boulder-based environmental group Western Resource Advocates, hydraulic fracking in the state of Colorado uses up to 12.9 BILLION gallons of water per year.

That’s enough water to supply up to 296,000 peoples’ household water needs for an entire year! That’s right, fracking in Colorado uses as much water per year as would satisfy the household demands of the City of Cincinnati.

States that allow fracking right now are New York, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Not only is fracking wasteful, it’s dangerous! In one Pennsylvania case, fracking chemicals that seeped into a nearby water table created a foamy discharge that traveled into a local stream. To check out all the ‘fraccidents’ that’ve happened in those states, visit this map by EarthJustice .

To sign an anti-fracking petition and see what petitions are available in your state, check out this nifty list compiled by

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