Get On-Demand Still and Sparkling Flavored Water With the Elkay® Smartwell®

Two people gathered around the Elkay water cooler

Looking for a simple way to boost employee morale? The occasional ping pong break and office swag are cool incentives that can help establish a positive work culture. Yet, why not offer a fun perk that’s not only enjoyable, but healthy as well. Help strike the “work hard, play hard” balance by introducing the Elkay® Smartwell® flavored water cooler dispenser into your workspace. This bottleless water dispenser is a great way to show your teammates that you value their work and their well-being.

Here are a few more reasons to consider the Elkay Smartwell from Quench for your office:

Smartwell Offers On-Demand Still and Sparkling Flavored Water.

The days of filling your bottle with drab, tasteless still water hour after hour are over. Spice up your life with a splash of something sweet. With the Smartwell, you can navigate an intuitive touchscreen interface to create endless combinations of delicious beverages. Personalize pours with options for still or sparkling, flavor selection and strength, and added water enhancements. With so many options, you could easily go weeks without ever drinking the same beverage twice!  

Available Flavors (choose 4 at a time)

  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Peach
  • Raspberry
  • Pomegranate
  • Cranberry
  • Cucumber
  • Coconut

Available Enhancements

  • Natural Sweetener
  • Vitamin C
  • Electrolytes
  • Caffeine

Click here to download the nutritional facts for Smartwell from Quench flavors

Smartwell Includes a Monthly Automatic Flavor Replacement Program.

In the grand scheme of things, running out of flavored water isn’t the worst thing that can happen to your company. However, office perks are an important aspect to maintaining a positive work environment. Satisfy your employees by keeping the delicious drinks flowing.

With the Smartwell Monthly Automatic Flavor Replacement Program, you can do just that! This unique still and sparkling water dispenser provides your employees with on-demand flavored water, which means you never have to worry about running out. Replacement flavors are automatically shipped to your door every month. Flavors and enhancements come in eco-friendly pouches that are easy to install. So, when the office starts to run low on the ever-popular lemon flavor, you can quickly replace it yourself without having to wait for a service technician. Each Smartwell system can connect to the Internet for service support and monitoring.

For instructions on how to change out the flavors in a Smartwell, download a how to replace flavor and enhancement pouches PDF.

Smartwell is Eco-Friendly.

When you purchase an Elkay Smartwell system, you’re not only doing well by your employees, you’re also helping the environment by reducing waste. For over 20 years, Quench has prided itself on providing an eco-friendly option for clean, great-tasting water via bottleless filtered water dispensers. Each of our bottleless coolers prevents as many as 150 5-gallon plastic jugs or 12,000 8 oz. plastic water bottles from entering landfills each year.

Now, we’ve taken it a step further by offering eco-friendly flavored and enhanced water. The flavors and enhancements are added to the water through sustainable pouches that are installed within the bottleless water cooler. Each pouch provides flavor for up to 300 8-oz. beverages, but without all the single-use plastic bottles. Plus, the easy-to-install features of the Smartwell limit the amount of service visits required for flavor replacements, which ultimately reduces gas omissions from Quench service trucks.

Smartwell is what your office needs.

Your employees will fall in love with the Smartwell from Quench. Sure, canned and bottled sparkling water tastes good, but they take up fridge space, they run out quickly, and they pollute the environment. If you’re going to go the extra mile to create a positive working environment for your employees, why not set yourself apart with an eco-friendly machine that dispenses great-tasting water and never runs out of options?

Those who would prefer to use a flavored sparkling water dispenser without directly contacting the machine can look into the Smartwell’s new touchless features. All new and existing Elkay Smartwell machines offer touchless dispensing using a smartphone app. Simply download the Elkay Smartwell app on your phone, scan a QR code on your Smartwell machine, and start dispensing directly from your phone.

When it comes to flavored and sparkling water, you can’t go wrong with the Elkay Smartwell.

Interested in learning more about Quench bottleless water cooler dispensers? Visit our website to get a free quote and explore more options for you and your team.