Exploring Plastic’s Influence on Water and Art

Posted on July 18, 2014
Jane Runyeon - Art Piece

Artist Jane Runyeon will be creating a large scale installation art piece for this weekend’s Berks Sustainability Fest in Wyomissing, PA. Her installation piece, WATER BOTTLE RAIL, will highlight the dichotomy of the number of plastic water bottles used versus those that are recycled. Runyeon often draws inspiration from nature in her work and likes to incorporate reusable materials in her pieces to represent the intersection of art and real life issues. As Runyeon stated “the spontaneous aspect of installation art lends to more participation and dialogue from both artist and viewer.”

Runyeon plans to transform plastic bails filled with 200 plastic water bottles into a sculpture that echoes box cars on a train rail. Each water bottle will have a neon green label that says “fragile” as a reminder to viewers of the drastic impact that plastic has had on our fragile planet. In the United States, 1,500 water bottles are used each second and the majority of these are not recycled. The Ocean Conservancy estimates that every square mile of the Earth’s oceans has over 46,000 pieces of plastic from water bottles and other plastic containers.

Runyeon will be helped by Jani Wolf and Mark von Stein from her company, All Together Art. Runyeon started All Together Art in 1998 as a way for artists from various and unexpected disciplines to work together.

After this weekend’s Sustainability Fest, Runyeon will continue to explore the connection plastic has with our water sources by stimulating dripping plastic “water” from an old water tower. For more information about Jane Runyeon and her art, check out her website or follow her on Facebook.

The Berks Sustainability Festival will be held in Wyomissing, PA from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. this Saturday, July 19. The festival will provide an exciting opportunity for people to learn about sustainability activities in Berks County while enjoying a day of good food, drink, art, and music. The festival aims to draw attention to ways people can minimize damage to our environment and maximize preservation and healthy growth of the community. For more information, check our Berk’s Sustainability Fest’s Twitter page.

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