Drinking Filtered Water Might Help Your Memory

Posted on October 7, 2014
Rat reading a book

New research from Chinese biology and environment experts has found that drinking filtered drinking water may help to improve child development and memory. The study found that filtered tap water is the richest in essential minerals and the lowest in contaminant levels.

The researchers during the study fed two generations of rats five different types of water, including unfiltered tap water, filtered tap water, purified bottled water, artificially mineralized bottled water, and natural bottled water. Then the Morris water maze was used to determine the learning curve. With the Morris water maze the rats had to find their way out of a water tank using specific cues. The rat pups that were served filtered tap water were found to have the highest learning and memory abilities and were able to find their way out of the tank quicker than the rat pups served different water.

The researchers also found that the rats served purified bottled water had the lowest offspring survival rate. The rats served unfiltered tap water had the lowest learning and memory abilities and took the longest to find their way out of the tank. The researchers concluded that filtered tap water showed the best benefit for both nursing the pup rats as well as the pup rats’ development.

Hopefully your employees are not pup rats, but switching to a filtered drinking water cooler might help your employees retain more information. At the very least, it will help you save money! If your employees are pup rats – you might have bigger problems…

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