The Value of Quality Bottleless Water Cooler Repair and Maintenance — And the Costs of Not Doing It

bottleless water cooler with glass

A bottleless water cooler is beneficial to provide your business with great-tasting water and support hydration throughout your workplace. However, you might be wondering what repair and maintenance are involved with these machines. Luckily, advanced solutions take the burden of frequent cleanings, filter changes, and repairs off of you — so your employees can enjoy an enhanced drinking water supply without the hassle. 

Bottleless Water Cooler Installation for Your Business

Offering your workforce and customers quality drinking water options is more important than ever, especially considering 80% of working Americans claim they don’t drink enough water. However, considering a bottleless water cooler installation for your business is an effective way to alleviate this issue.

A large 3-gallon or 5-gallon water jug was a sufficient way to provide your office with drinking water in the past, but their negative environmental impacts, lack of variety, and excessive hassle make them a progressively less appealing option for businesses. As opposed to traditional bottled water delivery, advanced solutions for your water supply can ensure your employees and customers are properly hydrated while providing a host of excess benefits as a result. First and foremost, a bottleless water cooler is a great way to diversify the drinking options you can provide, which include:

  • Hot water
  • Cold water
  • Ambient water
  • Flavored water
  • Electrolyte-enhanced water
  • Mineral-infused water
  • Caffeine-infused 
  • Sparkling water

An abundance of delicious, convenient and diverse options is a critical element in promoting hydration throughout your workplace. Moreover, your business can subsequently expect to see a number of advantages from switching to bottleless options — such as helping you mitigate your environmental footprint and leveraging enhanced repair and maintenance solutions.

Repair and Maintenance Needs

You’ll be happy to hear that bottleless water coolers don’t generally require constant oversight to function properly. However, it’s essential to implement reliable machines and work with a dependable vendor to reap the benefits of these upgraded solutions. 

Quench® provides high-quality dispensers that include maintenance and filter changes for you. This process begins with our expert technicians efficiently installing these machines for your business and guaranteeing your dispenser is functioning properly. After installation, the repair and maintenance process is rather simple. You can rest assured that your machine is always in the proper condition as a highly trained, certified Quench technician will routinely conduct inspection and maintenance service on your machine. In addition, these technicians will be available to service your machine when needed and change your filter approximately every 12 months, depending on the type of cooler you employ. 

The Costs of Not Considering Proper Service and Maintenance

With drinking water fountains and bottled water coolers, a lot of the sanitation, repair, and maintenance involved will inevitably fall on you. A traditional water dispenser requires regular filter changes and cleanings to ensure the quality of your water supply. If you don’t address these issues right away, mold can build up and  contaminate your drinking water. Moldy drinking water  is a detriment to the health of your employees — and thus your bottom line. In fact, research from the Iranian Journal of Public Health found that 62% of traditional bottled water coolers were contaminated with bacteria and microorganisms beyond acceptable levels. This leaves your workforce susceptible to illnesses such as Legionnaires’ disease or Pontiac fever.

Not only will your employees and consumers be at risk, but actively mitigating these issues is time-consuming and a lack of proper maintenance is costly. Fortunately, advanced drinking water solutions from Quench can help your business effectively avoid a majority of these complications. You can choose from a broad array of reliable bottleless water coolers that require minimal repair and maintenance. Moreover, antibacterial surface protection in conjunction with regular filter changes ensures the cleanliness of your water supply, enhances your sanitation, and promotes the health of your employees’ long term.

Reliable Service and Responsive Care With Quench

Quench offers an assortment of bottleless water coolers with advanced maintenance and repair service that you can depend on. Not only do reliable water coolers automatically minimize the need for frequent water cooler repair, but our dependable technicians are available to service machines whenever needed. Our skilled service team exists to ensure your machines are continuously functioning properly and our responsive customer care team is just a click away when you need to get in touch. Click here to see all services included in a preventive maintenance visit. 

Quench provides reliable products, skilled service technicians, and responsive customer care to help you navigate water cooler repair and maintenance with ease. With advanced solutions for your drinking water, you can provide an endless supply of great-tasting, filtered water to your employees and customers while leaving the hard work to us. If you’re ready to start your journey to a more hydrated workplace, try our product finder to get matched with the best bottleless water dispenser for your business and get a free quote today