11 Reasons Why Drinking Water is Great for Our Health

A woman drinking a glass of water from her home office

At Quench, we have built a business around hydrating your employees, coworkers, clients and customers.  We care deeply about the health and welfare of our community. At a time when many of us are sheltered in place, the Quench Water Experts want to extend our services and share our expertise to continue to support your health outside the office. Ahead of World Health Day, which is celebrated on April 7 every year to raise awareness of global health issues, we offer the following.

Water and hydration can have a huge impact on our well-being. In fact, a well-hydrated human is more likely to have a stronger immune system than someone who is chronically dehydrated. But why is that? The body is made up of 11 organ systems that are all largely supported by water. When we deprive our bodies of water, we remove the magical ingredient that keeps our organs functioning like well-oiled machines. And since all our organs are connected, if just one system stumbles, our entire body will feel the negative repercussions.

Which is why it’s important to stay hydrated. But it’s also important to understand how hydration works…even if it is complicated. To help make it simpler, the Quench Water Experts explain how drinking water benefits each of our individual systems, and ultimately, our bodies as a whole.

1. Digestive System

The water in our bodies breaks down the food we eat into minerals and nutrients. Water in our digestive track dissolves molecules from food and allows them to pass through capillaries within the intestinal walls to the blood and circulatory system. Water’s soluble components also breaks down fiber in our diet so that it can go on to support our bowel health.

2. Excretory Systems

Of course, not everything we eat is healthy. When we treat ourselves to sugar, salt, alcohol, etc., our kidneys must work hard to clean us out. Water aids the functionality of the kidneys by diluting toxins that are sitting in our system. When there is not enough water, waste products cannot be removed effectively. That being said, however, individual bodies require different amounts of H2O to function properly. Although uncommon, it’s possible to drink too much water if you’re drinking significantly more than what is recommended for your body weight. Check out this article to determine how much water is right for you. 

3. Circulatory System

The blood in our circulatory system delivers nutrients and oxygen to all the cells in our bodies. That’s approximately 37.2 trillion cells, according to Smithsonian Magazine. When we deprive our bodies of water, the amount of blood circulating throughout our bodies decreases, and our hearts must beat faster in order to compensate. A faster heart rate causes high blood pressure. So, let’s give our hearts a break and drink more water.

4. Respiratory System

It may sound ironic, but our bodies need water to breathe. Studies suggest the average person loses between half to one liter of water per day just from breathing. Water helps to thin mucus and keeps our lungs moistened in order to take in oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide. When we’re dehydrated, our mucus tends to thicken, which slows overall breathing and makes us more susceptible to respiratory issues. 

5. Nervous System

Having trouble concentrating? Before self-diagnosing yourself with ADD, drink a few glasses of water. Our brains are made up of 85% water. When we deprive our minds of their daily dose of H2O, our cognitive function takes a serious hit. Headaches, poor concentration, reduced short-term memory, and slowed psychomotor skills are all side-effects of dehydration.

6. Endocrine System

The major endocrine glands in humans are the thyroid gland and the adrenal glands, both are supported in part by water. The adrenal glands secret a hormone that regulates water levels and helps you stay hydrated says bodyecology.com. Faulty adrenals can cause dehydration. Give your adrenals a boost by taking in the recommended amount of water every day.  

Water can also support the thyroid gland by increasing metabolism. Certain waters like RO water and spring water are better for thyroid function since they tend to be free of harmful chemicals like chlorine and toxic metals.

7. Integumentary System

The integumentary system is comprised of the skin and its appendages. Skin protects our insides from environmental damage and holds water in our bodies so our other organs can use it effectively. When we do not drink enough, our skin becomes dry and cannot function as well. So, reach for a glass of water to moisturize from the inside out.

8. Skeletal System

Water can be used as a natural pain reliever. Cartilaginous tissue at the ends of bones retains water to lubricate the movement of joints. When we keep our bodies hydrated, our joints can slide smoothly. Drinking a healthy amount of water can also reduce back soreness. The jelly inside the discs of our spines is mostly water, and those discs will shrink if not hydrated adequately.  

9. Muscular System

Proper hydration can help us get more out of those Bodypump™ classes. When we drink the appropriate amount of water, our muscles become energized and allow us to maintain stamina during strenuous exercises. Furthermore, as mentioned above, water lubricates our joints and allows for ease of movement. That added mobility can boost our tolerance for intense workouts. Drinking water can also help speed up recovery and reduce feelings of soreness by flushing out lactic acid build-up.

10. Reproductive System

Staying hydrated can improve our fertility as well. Fertilityroad.com explains water boosts semen production and semen volume in men. If a man’s body is dehydrated, it can cause his semen to thicken and his sperm to have trouble swimming. When women are well-hydrated, on the other hand, they are more likely to have regular ovulation cycles and enough cervical mucus to balance vaginal pH.[9]

11. Lymphatic System

Lymph fluid is composed of 95% water. A healthy, well-hydrated lymphatic system can detoxify and drain impurities, ensuring our body processes stay in equilibrium. When we’re dehydrated, we retain more water as a defense mechanism. That’s why when we don’t drink enough water our lymph nodes become congested and swollen. When this happens, waste and bacteria build up, which eventually causes us to get sick.

Please Take Care, Stay Safe, and Hydrate for Your Health

We lose 2.5 to 3 liters of water every day just through normal body function.[11] The water we lose needs to be replaced to keep our cells and organs functioning at their full capacity. Setting our bodies up for success is easy when we have access to clean, great-tasting water from a Quench bottle-free water cooler.

When a Quench Water Expert installs a bottle-free water cooler in your workplace, you’re never far from the life-sustaining ingredient your body craves.

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