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Quench Reverse Osmosis Filtration Information Sheet

Reverse Osmosis Filtration

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification technology that removes dissolved solids and contaminants from drinking water. Dissolved solids are small organic or inorganic particles that are suspended in water. Dissolved solids vary by location but can include chemicals such as salts, calcium, and phosphates. Water with high total dissolved solids (TDS) levels often appears cloudy […]

quenchWATER+ 5-Filter Setup

[Video & Downloadable Information Sheet] See quenchWATER+ NSF-Certified Filtration Technology in Action

Last updated: 11/10/2020 We’re pulling back the curtain (or in this case, the tank) on our NSF-certified Q-Series filtered water dispensers to give you an inside look at quenchWATER+ Filtration Technology in action. We offer quenchWATER+, our highest quality drinking water, in all of our Q-Series filtered water dispensers including the Quench Q3, Quench Q4, Quench Q5, Quench Q7, […]

Quench Sparkling Water Machine Installation Checklist

Quench Pre-Installation Checklists

We are excited for your workplace to have great-tasting sparkling or still water! Before our certified technician can install your sparkling water dispenser or Hydration Station, there are some pre-installation requirements. Download the checklist for your machine below to make sure you have a quick and smooth installation. Quench 570- FS Pre-Installation Checklist Quench 575-CT […]

Clarus Services Joins the Quench Family

Welcome to the Quench Family! As you already may be aware, Clarus Services, Inc. is now part of the Quench family of companies. Quench USA, Inc. offers filtered water systems to more than 60,000 customers across the United States, including more than half of the Fortune 500. We also provide ice machines, sparkling water dispensers, […]

Arizona Charter Schools Association

We’re delighted to be the preferred vendor of filtered drinking water coolers and ice machines for Arizona Charter Schools Association. As an AZ Charter Schools Association member, you are eligible for special pricing on Quench products. Please fill out the form above to contact your Quench account executive. Why Quench Filtered Water Coolers and Ice […]

Arizona State University

We’re delighted to be the preferred provider of filtered drinking water coolers for ASU. As an ASU employee, you are eligible for special pricing on all Quench products. Please fill out the form above to contact your account executive. Why Quench? With 40,000 satisfied customers, Quench is the leading supplier of filtered water coolers to […]